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UX: Theory and Practice
analysis through implementation

Senior UX Consultant Anthem

  • Designer on Shop for Insurance, Re-imagine Mobile App and Re imagine Secure Portal
  • Accessibility SME including:Reviews of wires and development code, accessibility testing, creating best practices, and all the training courses
  • Axure pro, wire frames, responsive design, personas, pattern library, accessibility lead, ARIA, Agile, Scrum, Confluence, Jira – Remote
Shop for Insurance

Shop for Insurance


Estimate Cost Savings

Senior UX/UI Analyst CA Public Utilities Commission

  • Designed user experience and UI for complex government enterprise web application that included using building blocks for designating apportionments
  • Designed information architecture, user interactions, and look & feel
  • Created working HTML mock-ups including scripted dynamics using jQuery.
  • Accessible, valid HTML, Graphics, Layout, flows, interaction rules, CSS, and jQuery libraries/scripts for turnover to development.
  • Worked directly with application architect. Mock-up code used by development to code front-end
  • Assisted both development and QA teams later in project with validating and fixing presentation later (jsp)
  • VPAT on final accessible product
  • HTML/CSS/JS/jQuery Rapid Working Prototype, Best Practices, UI Library, Photoshop, Remote, 508 WAI 2.0
Edit Block Interactive Wire

Edit Block Interactive HTML Wire

Edit a Calculation Step

Edit a Calculation Step Interactive HTML Wire

508 Consultant VeriSign/Symantec

  • Reviewed 3 supporting web applications and 2 desktop clients for 508 compliancy, HTML code validation, WCAG 2.0 recommendations, usability, standards and semantics
  • Developed spread sheet for findings and research, ran all tests and collated findings, supplied specific solutions (actual code to development) and then re-tested fixes for standard, semantic, usable, accessible pages against spread.
  • Deliverables were
    • Executive Summary of methods, findings and final results after development fixes
    • Created a new VPAT variation combining a traditional Section 508 VPAT with WCAG 2.0 recommendations for all 3 applications reviewed. Feel free to download the template and remember to thank VeriSign.
    • Best Practices for developers and QA to maintain compliancy in their coding and testing
    • WebEx Code Review Presentation (what was fixed and why)
  • XHTML, Section 508, WCAG 2.0, CSS, Semantics, Standards, Remote Worker

Sr. User Experience Analyst Piehead

  • Agency that creates web, mobile, social network and gaming experiences. Work with a variety of high-profile clients in a wide range of User Experience tasks.
  • Axure, Wire Frames, User Interaction, Personas, Site Maps, Competitor Analysis, Behavioral Specifications, Heuristic Evaluations, Remote

UX/UI Designer & Analyst Finishing First

Specializing in cross browser, accessible UI designs based on web standards, UX (including usability testing, user base analysis) and a consistent business identity. Since 2001 have been doing only non-profit companies on a volunteer basis. (Free) We get lots of work.

  • Currently involved in a large full re-design project, and a new Drupal site for green energy. Please ask for details.
  • Recently completed full site-redesign and content templating for the Asante Africa Foundation.
  • Volunteer for non-profits including hosting online accessibility forum events, writing white papers, implementing new features, training IT volunteers and site redesigns for accessibility.
  • Speaker at Technology conferences and instructor at day seminars – topics included Usability, Accessibility and Business Websites with Purpose. Led 3 day workshops, 2-4 hour sessions, and Train the Trainer sessions for employers. Included development for,, and other travel/incentive/meeting planner organizations.
  • WordPress, Drupal, MoveableType and other Content management Systems
  • Sketch Flow, Balsamiq, HTML Prototypes, ui, UX, 508, WAI, Remote Worker
Non-Profit Business

Non-profit Work - Click image for larger version

More screen shots – UX/UI Designer & Analyst Finishing First

508 Systems Analyst California Volunteers

  • Federal grant for usability/accessibility project
  • Reviewed web presence for 508/WCAG 2.0 AA compliancy (WAI), HTML code validation, usability, standards and semantics
  • Developed spread sheet for findings and research, ran all tests and collated findings
  • Deliverables were document summarizing findings, stating recommendations and supplying specific solutions in their CMS and for their static HTML pages to be standard, semantic, usable, accessible pages, and a spread sheet detailing how to fix the code, for developer
  • Consultant(VIP), html, 508, usability, accessibility, remote

More screen shots – 508 Systems Analyst California Volunteers

Lead UI Developer Sun Microsystems

  • Designed user interface for online application including work flow, user experience and graphical layout
  • Created mock-ups for business side, designed application flow and HTML/CSS code for developers.
  • Worked with product owner. Part of sprint delivery team.
  • Created user Stories with acceptance criteria, worked 2 week sprints with daily scrum calls.
  • Helped create UI standards for their new web portal and created UI standards for our application
  • Designed CSS and templates for RichFaces elements and for use by all applications across portal
  • Consultant(NetPolarity), xhtml, css, richfaces, agile, ux, ui, 508, dreamweaver, photoshop, Version ONE, Code Collaborator, netBeans, vpn (remote worker)
Sun Proactive Services

Sun Proactive Services Application Landing Page - Select image for larger version

More screen shots – Lead UI Developer Sun Microsystems

Web Developer/508 Specialist Metro Transit Commission

  • Converted large requirements and concept documents into Section 508 compliant web pages to meet federal accessibility website guidelines and basic usability, including creating the graphics, layout and code semantics
  • Designed and coded.
  • Consultant(GreyThorn), html, css, 508, Accessibility, Adobe Creative Suite 3, Remote worker

More screen shots – Web Developer/508 Specialist Metro Transit Commission

Lead Web Designer School Innovations & Advocacy

  • Designed Look and Feel, information architecture, prototypes and HTML templates for developers for online educational support software for school districts to comply with Truancy (eTruancy) and California mandates (ezManadates). (for Java/Struts applications)
  • Designed a custom Look and Feel and VM templates for, and set-up a subscription based news article application using LifeRay (CMS) for Categorical News
  • xhtml, css, JavaScript, 508, Accessibility, WAI, Usability Analyst (HFE), LifeRay, Help Desk, Adobe CS3
Some details from report

eTruancy Summary Page - Click image for larger version

More screen shots – Lead Web Designer School Innovations & Advocacy

Lead UI Designer & Analyst California Controller’s Office

  • Designed state fund disbursement web application User Interface, and coded the xhtml templates (prototype) for development group. Won GTC award.
  • Created with requirements team use case templates and use cases. Designs included usability and accessibility that exceeded ADA compliance including Section 508, level 1, most of Level 2 and some Level 3
  • Collaborated with design and architect teams in overall application design
  • Wrote UI Model documentation for client support turnover, and the Best Practices Guide for UI and the presentation layer
  • Designed the User Experience including flow, architecture, "Look and Feel" and ADA/508 compliancy
  • Participated in architecture sessions, created the UX and UI Model, created the working Prototype
  • Consultant(Delegata), xhtml, css, JavaScript, Rational, Section 508 Accessibility, WAI, WCAG, Usability Analyst, DreamWeaver, Agile
Some details from report

Agile Payment System: Building an Apportionment - Click image for larger version

More screen shots – Lead UI Designer & Analyst California Controller’s Office

Web Developer California Chamber of Commerce

  • Assisted in fixing issues in their new content management system
  • Corrected html pages outputted by vendor making them valid and accessible
  • xhtml, css, Microsoft Content Manager 508, Accessibility, Remote worker

Requirements Lead & Lead UI Designer for SNSC

  • Designed Documentation templates for Business Requirements, Use Cases, Vision/Scope, Deployment, UAT Training, etc., set up documentation processes and flow through development phases, and oversaw Tech Writers and Analysts in implementation of process and documentation
  • Wrote Sharepoint Users Guide for Developers and Analysts
  • Wrote vision/scope documentation and edited/proofed/assisted in all technical documents including training, help, requirements, run books and test plans
  • Wrote UI standards for large in-house mortgage servicing workflow application (Microsoft desktop using Designed Web UI, created web templates and wrote web standards for public facing web piece
  • Consultant(TekSystems), xhtml, css, Photoshop, Homesite, .net studio, SharePoint, Concept Design
Some details from report

User Access - Click image for larger version

More screen shots – Requirements Lead & Lead UI Designer for SNSC

Lead UI Designer California Legislative Data Center

  • Designed multi-application User Interface, user workflow and coded the xhtml templates for development group for an internal enterprise portal used in Referring and Viewing Measures
  • Worked with requirements team reviewing documentation from UI viewpoint and creating Use Cases
  • Designs included usability and accessibility that exceeded ADA compliance including Section 508, level 1, most of Level 2 and some Level 3. Worked with subject matter experts and clients to determine usability
  • Wrote UI Model documentation for Quality Control team and development team, participated in writing the Best Practices Guide for UI team
  • Designed the User Experience including flow, architecture, and UI design for the LDC internal portal also including enterprise guidelines, "Look and Feel" and ADA compliancy. Active team-member in defining and setting UI discipline processes and best practices including RUP
  • Consultant(Delegata), xhtml, css, xml, Photoshop, Homesite, Section 508 Accessibility, Concept Design, StarTeam, Caliber, Rational
Some details from report

Find a Bill by Chapter Search Results - Click image for larger version

Senior Web Developer/UI Designer AT&T Wireless

  • Active member of corporate application design team CorpID. Developed the UI into front-end jhtml code for an enterprise administration and configuration web application for a new phone feature
  • Worked on analyst team as Functional Analyst writing use case documents for all flows and wrote functional sub-spec, flow-charts (UML) turnover documentation, test scripts for QA, training and help documentation
  • Active analyst  in requirements gathering sessions. Designed usability factors for product and UI workflow. Assisted requirements team in integration testing and writing test plans
  • Created web templates and the front end architecture for application, and wrote front-end best practices guide for production team later updates and enhancements
  • Consultant(Hall Kinnion), jhtml, xhtml, css, xml, Photoshop, Macromedia MX, Section 508Accessibility, Documentum, TeamSite, ATG Dynamo 6.1
Some details from report

Talk Management for AT&T Wireless - Click image for larger version

Instructor: California State University, Sacramento

  • Designed and implemented state-of-art class. Topics included: project methodology, physical and logical site structures, web standards, usability, PhotoShop and Information Architecture for the web and a large section on accessibility, usability and Human Factor Engineering
  • Created all lesson plans and classroom tools
  • Class part of the Web Applications Development Certificate Program (advanced class)

Team Lead Web Development/Designer DST Output

  • Designed and implemented web-based front-end user interface for Avaya, and Ford Commercial Lending, including graphics, layout, logic, work-flow, integration, deployment and usability in a rapid development environment
  • Prepared Requirements, Functional Specifications and Code Design documentation. Worked with clients, team and analyst. Strong grasp of business logic in relation to applications, UML, use cases and designing product flows
  • Developed front-end initial code base for core product B2B (jhtml/ATG Dynamo interface interacting with proprietary java back end) including creating the detail design documentation and incorporating the front-end presentment logic from requirement documentation into web templates. Implemented B2C enhanced customized billing application for clients AmeriGas, Mercedes-Benz Led web developers in coding front-end of application and interacting with back-end developers in design sessions
  • Developed and taught corporate training classes for jhtml Coders and Adobe PhotoShop for Developers.   Developed and taught marketing and sales departments understanding and use of the online product /software we built. Developed and taught Account Operation Managers administrative side of online application so they could train clients to administer (Train the Trainer)
  • Designed front end-architecture and instituted usability testing and results to increase adaptation and support implementation
  • jhtml, html, css, ui, javaScript, PhotoShop, Homesite, Concept Design, SourceSafe, Perforce, ATG Dynamo 4.3
Some details from report

Avaya B2B eBilling - Click image for larger version

Web Designer Ferrari Color

  • Total site re-design, information architecture, layout, design
  • Supplied graphics and complete HTML templates for all page levels for implementing by their developers
  • Designed and wrote javaScript for gallery presentation of their large print graphics
  • Developed code for customers to upload their graphics to site for printing.
  • Consultant(Hall Kinnion), html, usability, requirements, css, graphics, javaScript, standards, best practices
Ferarri Color

Ferarri Color Home - Click image for larger version

Web Analyst at PASCO Scientific

  • Evaluated existing web site and site in development (design, code, usability), and evaluated current personnel. Trained developer in newer technologies and ways to meet new corporate strategy
  • Documented and advised corporate management on future internet/intranet/extranet issues
  • Assisted VP in creation of Requirements/Functional Specs and Design documents for future projects
  • Developed “guidelines” for new site design, and Business Requirements.
  • Direct Consultant, uml, html, usability, requirements

Director of Web Development Mariemont Systems

  • Managed "tech shop" including hiring and evaluating 14 employees, and project management for 3 projects. Set up training program and trained technologists; trained some technologists to train others
  • Designed and over saw the creation of the company Internet and Intranet, and client projects. Participated in Marketing and bidding
  • Creative director. Designed the training program and did initial training for marketing department.
Some details from report

Part of the "Look & Feel" Guide

Senior Web Developer Designer Intel

  • Production Support, Trouble shooting and New Development. CPS Certified Site Management. Involved in the start-up and managed the Disti and OEM posting and maintenance for iBL project (e-commerce for distributors and Original Equipment Manufactured)
  • Received Intel’s All American award for work on iBL Project Leadership in a rapid development environment
  • Involved in re-design of, maintained Flash products web sites, and initiated End of Life programs for legacy servers
  • Created images, templates and logos for various internal and external divisions
  • Original set-up of the Documentum system including contributing to the user manual for the Intel customization of product
  • Trained incoming contractors for start up of the Intel Web Outfitter on-line stores and the (Dakota II).
  • Consultant(GraphXStaff), html, asp, css, photoShop, illustrator, Corporate branding, re-branding
Template View

intel CPR Template - Click image for larger version

More screen shots – Senior Web Developer Designer Intel

Working Artist

  • Multi-media sculpture
  • Steinway Piano restoration – freelanced for Sage Pianos the for-most authorized Steinway piano restorer – graining wood panels of exotic veneers no longer available, rebuilding bellows, etc. (Please ask about specific shops and projects)
  • Furniture/Antique restorer for the motion picture industry (please ask about specific productions)

Player and Grand Piano Restorer- Sage Pianos

  • Restored leather bellows, sound boards and faux painted veneers that no longer existed
  • Only Steinway approved grand piano restorer on west coast, Gary Sage was a well known musician and

Arts & Entertainment Industries

Freelance contractor for the arts and entertainment industries, North Carolina Film Corporation, De Laurentiis Entertainment Group, Monterey Peninsula College Theater, Kit Parker Films, Sam Harrison Films

  • Supervised stage crews from 3-28 people. Hired, budgeted, bid, designed, created and completed stagings
  • Skills include scene painting, Faux Paint for breakaways, creature and effects, ask about additional art skills
  • Held positions of Head Scenic Artist/Lead Man on six major productions
  • Freelance contractor, Studios, productions, producers on request

Firestarter Cat's Eye Silver Bullet No Mercy Raw Deal Blue Velvet Color Purple King Kong Lives Maximum Overdrive Survival Game Sex and Buttered Popcorn

Skills Pie Chart
  • Skill Sets
  • UI/UX/Web Design & Development
  • Usability, HFE, Testing, Analysis, Heuristics
  • Accessiblity, 508, WAI2, PDF's, Accessibilty Training
  • Interactive Wireframes, Sketch Flow, Balsamiq, Axure, HTML...
  • Personas, UCD (User-centered Design), Taxonomy, UI Patterns
  • Mock-ups, Working Proto-Types
  • Responsive Design
  • Pattern Libraries
  • Mobile Web Sites, Mobile Adaptation, One Web
  • SVG (W3C Certificate)
  • Ajax/JavaScript
  • Prototypes & Front-end Code, Cross-browser
  • RichFaces, jQuery
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Adobe CS5 - Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, InDesign...
  • Flash/Flex/Cold Fusion
  • Graphics
  • Object Skinning
  • CMS Themes
  • Corporate Branding
  • UI Guidelines
  • Best Practices
  • Agile, Scrum, Sprints
  • Rational Rose
  • Interactive Design
  • Information Architect
  • Funtional Anlayst
  • LifeRay, WordPress, Drupal, MoveableType, Sharepoint, Microsoft Content Manager...
  • NetBeans, Version ONE, Code Collaborator, Perforce, MyEclipse...
  • Jira, Confluence, BaseCamp...
  • Some Live Stuff
  • Sierra Dental and Orthodontics
  • Sonoma County Sculpture
  •  No Limit Hockey
  •  Cloverdale Historical Society
  • Incentives To Intrigue
  • Frank J Miller Artist
  • Ruth McGowans
  • Green Energy Maine